CNC milling

CNC milling - the ideal method of modeling

Milling, next to turning and grinding, is one of the methods of machining, allowing for the treatment of surfaces, channels, teeth, grooves and shaped surfaces. CNC milling is the ideal method of solid modeling, which is constantly improved along with the development of innovative technologies.
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We make structures of any shape

The CNC milling process allows to quickly and repeatably manufacture objects with complex geometry. Thanks to various blades it is possible to obtain many different forms. Shortening the production time of an object, which leads to lower production costs, is also quite significant. Milling can be used to treat various types of steel as well as plastics and wood.

Milling on machining centers from world leaders.

At METIKAM milling is carried out on vertical machining centers manufactured by world leaders in the production of high-precision machine tools, such as SPINER or DOOSAN. CNC milling is a perfect complement to our company's comprehensive offer, which allows us to complete single orders, large projects and series production of demanding components.

Parameters of CNC milling machines
in our machine park:

  • Table dimensions: 1500 x 670 mm
  • Load capacity: 1300kg
  • spindle drive motor power (continuous/S3 15%): 16.3/21.8 kW
  • Spindle rpm range: 12.000 rpm
  • spindle – table distance: 150~775 mm