Laser cutting
of pipes
and profiles

Laser processing of pipes and profiles – the solution for every task.

The laser beam allows to cut very complex shapes, as well as to process different types of materials of different thickness and shape. By simplifying the production processes we achieve great time savings and reduction of unit costs compared to a conventional cutting process. Laser pipe cutting is a solution for innovative technological options, which are nowadays impossible to achieve in the traditional way.
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The world of laser processing is a market with potential

Constructors have been using pipes and profiles in their projects for a long time, and recently the emphasis on their use has been increasing. Demand is growing faster than available production capacity. Pipes and profiles are utilized in various fields. The most important ones are machinery and equipment construction, the automotive industry, agricultural machinery, the furniture and store equipment, scaffoldings and stage construction, and even sports/fitness equipment.

Why laser cutting of pipes and profiles using the TruLaser Tube 5000 fiber machine is so convincing

Our TruLaser Tube 5000 fiber machine allows not only perpendicular cutting but also cutting at an angle of maximum 45°. The machine is capable of cutting or drilling and threading holes. In addition to simple threading, it also performs threads in the "flow drill" technology - chiplessly, with the use of a friction drill and a thread rolling machine, which allows to obtain a threaded flange in the shape of a rivet nut. Using a single laser tool, we are able to treat different types of geometry, from round to rectangular, square, T-beams, channels, flat shapes and others, made of structural steel, stainless steel or aluminum.

Machine parameters

  • round tube max. outside diameter: 152 mm
  • rectangular profile max. side length and outer circle diameter: 152 mm
  • max. raw material length for automatic loading: 6500 mm
  • max. finished part length: 4500 mm
  • max. raw material weight with automatic loading: 130kg
  • trudisk 3001 laser max. power: 3000 W
  • max. material thickness structural steel: 8 mm
  • max. material thickness stainless steel: 5 mm
  • max. thickness of aluminum material: 6 mm
  • other non-ferrous steels on request