Waterjet cutting

A method enabling cutting of any material - even bulletproof glass, marble or steel.

Waterjet cutting is a technology of cutting materials using a very high-pressure jet of water. With the use of high-pressure pumps or hydraulic pressure intensifiers, water is brought to a pressure of over 5000 bar - as a result, the speed of the jet often exceeds the speed of sound.
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Waterjet cutting – precision and versatility

This technique can be used for cutting all types of steel, non-ferrous metals, titanium, stone, ceramics, plastics, rubber, wood, glass and many other materials. Its advantage is very high precision regardless of the material being cut: 0.01 mm thick film and 200 mm thick titanium plates are cut with equal precision.
In the case of plastic-coated sheets this is the only possible method of cutting.

Minimum waste, no side effects


Waterjet cutting is a solution to avoid micro-cracks and strains, facilitating the treatment of further stages of production. The workpiece is not exposed to heat load, which is a problem in the case of thermal technologies, and the optimal arrangement of parts on the sheet makes it possible to minimize material losses and speed up the treatment process. All this contributes to high quality and lower cost of obtaining the finished component.


Cutting machine parameters


We possess a modern waterjet cutting machine manufactured by Bystronic. The final cutting precision depends on the type and thickness of material, pre-treatment, sheet size and its temperature.

  • Size of the work table: 3068 x 1535 mm
  • Position deviation Pa*: +- 0.08 mm/axis
  • Repeatability Ps*: +-0.025 mm/axis
  • Thickness of cut materials: up to 200 mm