CNC turning

CNC turning - the most popular machining method

CNC turning is one of the most popular machining methods. In this process we can obtain objects of different shapes, e.g. cylinders, cones, threads, etc. The possibility of precise machining comes from modern, computerized control of the machine (hence CNC - Computerized Numerical Control - lathes).
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Professional treatment method

The CNC turning process allows to quickly and repeatably manufacture objects with complex geometry. Shortening the production time of an object, which leads to lower production costs, is also quite significant. CNC turning is a professional machining method producing highly advanced elements using specialized tools.

Integration of a lathe
with a robot

Our DOOSAN PUMA 3100LY CNC lathe is a modern machining device featuring the best parameters, precisely displaying all the necessary parameters of work and processing. Integration of the lathe with a computer and a KAWASAKI CX110L - 110kg robot enables us to manufacture large series of identical elements in an automated, operator-safe manner. The resulting elements are a representation of your detailed design documentation.

The parameters of the CNC lathe
in our machine park:

  • Swing over bed/support: 850/670 mm
  • Maximum turning diameter: 420/315 mm
  • Maximum turning length: 1285 mm
  • Permissible total weight in the chuck: 500/1000 kg
  • Spindle bar diameter: 102 mm
  • Chuck: 315 mm (12”)
  • Precision/Position: X axis - 0.01 mm
    Y axis - 0.02 mm
    Z axis - 0.02 mm
    C axis - 0.0083º