A very quick and yet safe method of metal cutting. The cutting speed reaches up to 15 m/s for materials up to 160 mm thick.

Plasma cutting involves the use of a highly concentrated plasma stream, i.e. ionized compressed gas flowing through an electric arc. The high temperature of the arc column, reaching from 10 000 to 30 000 °C, causes melting of the metal, while the high speed of the stream blows the metal out of the resulting slot. This technique can only be used to cut materials that are electrically conductive.
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Ultra-quick cutting at low cost

Plasma jet cutting is a technique used to cut materials with thicknesses up to 160 mm. The thickness range varies, however, depending on the raw material - steel, cast iron, brass, copper, aluminum or certain alloys. For example: in the case of acid-resistant steel the maximum sheet thickness is 50 mm; in the case of low-carbon steel sheets: 60 mm.

Regardless of the material, the cutting speed is very high, as plasma cutting does not require prior heating of the sheet. Little impact of temperatures at the same time prevents deformation of the metal, while a narrow plasma jet allows to obtain a small cutting slot.

Cutting machine parameters

Our machine is a modern computer programmed equipment, which allows to achieve maximum cutting precision and minimize material losses. It is important to remember that the quality and speed of cutting can vary minimally depending on the surface being cut.
  • Size of the work table: 6000 x 3000 mm
  • Plasma source: 260A
  • Thickness of cut materials: up to 65 mm
  • Cutting speed up to 6400 mm / min
  • Microjoint function - the material is not cut all the way around the workpiece leaving small connection points with the blank