METIKAM offers an innovative metal surface hardening service using a robotic laser station.

The use of a robot with a FANUC rotor together with a 4kW solid-state laser with a hardening head equipped with a pyrometer for temperature measurement and control gives us the possibility to harden surfaces inaccessible to the devices used in Poland so far.
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Speed and precision

Laser hardening allows to perform the operation in a relatively short time. The hardened surface can have any shape and the element can be hardened to a variable depth. Laser hardening makes it possible to obtain very high hardness, even up to 68 HRC, depending on the grade of hardened steel. Laser hardening is a process in which the laser beam works directly on a workpiece, supplying it with energy and heats up the areas in surface layers to the austenite transformation temperature of the workpiece, leading to homogenization of carbon atoms and growth of austenite in the material.

Depending on the material, the austenite transformation temperature ranges from about 900 ℃ to 1400 ℃ and its duration from about 3 s to 10s. The element cools down naturally as a result of the introduction of a limited amount of heat into the workpiece and, at the same time, rapid dissipation of the heat from the material by means of thermal conductivity. No additional cooling media such as water, oil or compressed air are required. Laser hardening can be used for all materials that are subject to flame and induction hardening.

Our company offers

  • technological consultancy on laser hardening
  • high surface hardness while maintaining the ductility of the core
  • hardening of surfaces of any shape
  • ensuring constant monitoring of temperature control during the process by a pyrometer
  • process quality control with surface hardness measurement