Sheet metal bending

Bending of metal sheets using CNC machines ensures maximum precision and 100% repeatability.

Sheet bending is performed by means of CNC press brakes, i.e. modern computer-controlled devices. We have several press brakes, the largest of which exerts a pressure of up to 400 tons on the material, which, combined with the speed of its operation and precise programming guarantees a perfect and fully repeatable result.
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We meet your needs

Thanks to our excellent technological background we are able to deliver even the most demanding orders. Our prices are affordable thanks to efficient bending processes, which allow us to avoid errors and material damage.

We bend aluminum, stainless steel and structural steel up to 30 mm thick. Maximum bending length is 5000 mm. We offer short order lead times.

Machine parameters


The company has modern sheet metal bending machines from Bystronic and EHT, ranging from small and fast to large-size and powerful press brakes.
High bending precision is achieved through an integrated CAM computer system, thanks to which it is possible to optimize the process of design and to simulate the process of bending.

  • Max. bending length: 5000 mm
  • Maximum pressure: 400 tons
  • Repeatability Ps*: +-0.025 mm/axis
  • Thickness of bent materials: ca 30 mm